Get organized with GitLab

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💡 What's the idea ?

The forga group ( aims to provide an organization that facilitates :

  • ♻️ the reuse of code;
  • 📝 documentation (of code or anything else);
  • 🤝 collaboration;

Tree view for forga group

It uses the groups/subgroups, pages, and other GitLab features to enable organization :

  • of git repositories grouped by usage (in a tree structure);
  • batch user access management;
  • semantic URLs for static documentation web pages;

The content deals with development in a Python & Django context, but any kind of language/framework will find its place there.

⚠️ Warning

It is an experimental project under development.

Some aspects have been set up in a professional context, others are personal experiments.

📦 What's in it ?

  1. an mentorship tool for new users (French version for Python/Django/UML);
  2. a single source of documentation· le Manuel (French version);
  3. some Django packages:
  4. a customer project reusing the Django packages above;
  5. third-party projects used internally;

And if not, you can always visit the group URL and scroll down the contents of the subgroups to get an idea.

🤝 Want to contribute ?

With pleasure!

There are some conventions (git & python) presented in the manual and a code of conduct.